UGC “The New Word of Mouth”

UGC “The new WORD of MOUTH” Original vs Re-purposed content

As we move further into a state of digital media disruption our social environments are becoming potent strategic tools. Businesses are constantly attempting to maximize their social exposure while looking for a way to accurately attach an ROI to their social campaigns, posts and engagements.

This will continue to be an increasing challenge when sharing or re-purposing an existing story, image, or video as your main strategy. An internal deployment of employees or even a specialized team tasked in creating original content can assist in content creation, but is it as effective as you would like? So what is the difference, whenever an individual creates content on behalf of your brand, this could be a post, a tweet, photo, video or even a comment, that’s UGC “User Generated Content”. If we consider the finding of a social influence study, millennials find UGC to be 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy then non UGC content. Having a solid strategy or platform that will allow you to leverage social content for your brand, business or event is critical.

We are social beings, we trust our tribe, this could be the fans in a crowd, our social peers or just a group of members that have common interests. When we believe something to be authentic and genuine much like the word of a close colleague or friend, we are more likely to engage and participate. Our interaction and response to UGC stems from the core of the human experience! Existing in the moment, unrehearsed and unpracticed, its an authentic moment either spoken or recorded. Ask yourself this…what are you more likely to trust? An individual inviting you to enjoy a true momentary experience or a brand trying to show you what it could look like in that moment…one is the truth and one is a concept of what the truth could be!

Until recently a brands main pathway to invite an individual into a live moment was through broadcast or live participation. This core concept of a true authentic experience is what drives our decision making process and fuels the proliferation of social environments. User generated content is offering smaller micro personalized moments, it follows the same need to create a trustworthy authentic moment we can enjoy and share. Providing your fans, members, audience a mechanism to contribute through authentic, engaging and captivating moments will be critical for brands, events and organizations in the social future.

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